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Why choose Prime Influencer
connection platform?
Constantly updated lists and information about KOL
Constantly updated lists and information about KOL
Effectively manage campaigns with detailed reports
Effectively manage campaigns with detailed reports
Easy to find potential KOL for brands
Easy to find potential KOL for brands
Prime Influencer network has more than 1,000,000 popular faces from different categories and majors in Vietnam and ASIA.
Diversify influencer type with different range of fan/follower from 5,000 - 1,000,000 Brand/SMEs could easily to pick for their marketing campaign.
Wide and various KOLs network
Vast social community with more than
Prime Influencer
macro Influencer
mega Influencer
middle Influencer
micro Influencer
nano Influencer
Detail metrics in KOL reports
1 Billion
5 Billion
reaction per day
Prime Influencer
Connect to suitable KOL of all categories
Prime Influencer
Prime Influencer
Prime Influencer
Prime Influencer
Prime Influencer
Prime Influencer
Prime Influencer
Prime Influencer
Prime Influencer
Prime Influencer
Prime Influencer
Experience premium features
from Prime Influencer
Prime Commerce
Find information and customize conditions
Provide valuable information about KOL from all platforms
Search with smart filter
Connect figures matching brands’ criteria
Boost communication campaign effectively
Prime Commerce
View brand collab history
Make sure brand can find the suitable KOL
Outcomes of collab with previous brands
Influence level in latest time
Related keywords to support brand’s decision making
Prime Commerce
Create campaigns and seek for KOL on your own
Actively look for suitable KOL by creating campaigns
Browse applications based on campaigns’ criteria
Several successful campaigns for references
Prime Commerce
Catch up with important figures
Allow brands to manage and keep track campaigns more effectively using only one platform
Collect all the important metrics
Assess the effectiveness of all KOLs
Customer responses to the campaign
Our Clients and Partners Our Clients and Partners
With nearly more than 30 global and local active clients since we established, we cover both marketing & eCommerce’s products & services, offering our products both directly and via selected third-party institutions.
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Tran Lam
I've been working with Prime from the very first day and for me, the willingness to change to catch up with the latest trends in the marketplace makes me believe that Prime is becoming a better version and always meet my expectations when working with them.
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Thuy Vy
The price is affordable for 5 different systems. I prefer Prime Distribution, Prime Web and especially Prime KOLs. Sellers like me need to reach potential customers through KOLs channel who can give good review to our product and influence others to buy, and of course the price is so reasonable.
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Tan Phuong
Chủ cửa hàng quần áo
Tốt trong việc quản lý tồn kho, cho tôi quản lý tồn kho theo combo sản phẩm. Ngoài ra giá thành thì quá ổn, có thể sử dụng máy tính bán hàng, in đơn và quản lý rất dễ dàng.
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