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Why choose Prime Distribution
to manage your sales?

Friendly interface brings a convenient user experience

Friendly interface brings a convenient user experience

Information is updated immediately and accurately

Information is updated immediately and accurately

Process orders quickly, save time & costs

Process orders quickly, save time & costs
Prime Commerce

Centralized management for different sales channels!

  • Sell more in multi-channels, from E-commerce platforms, website and offline stores
  • Easily measure business performance across channels
Prime Commerce

Provide in-depth analytical solutions

  • Visualized analytical data on the clear interface for easier evaluation
  • Support business strategy development
  • Helps measure and analyze sales regions, delivery provider and potential customers
Prime Commerce

Process orders effectively

  • Easily categorize orders with smart filtering
  • Real-time update order status from many channels, easy to manage and keep track
  • Quick and simple handling to save time
Prime Commerce

Bulk product management

  • Easily create new products on one or more channels at the same time
  • Automatically update and synchronize product information with high speed
  • Optimize product management with SKU

Our Clients and Partners

Our Clients and Partners

With nearly more than 30 global and local active clients since we established, we cover both marketing & eCommerce’s products & services, offering our products both directly and via selected third-party institutions.

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Tran Lam
I've been working with Prime from the very first day and for me, the willingness to change to catch up with the latest trends in the marketplace makes me believe that Prime is becoming a better version and always meet my expectations when working with them.
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Thuy Vy
The price is affordable for 5 different systems. I prefer Prime Distribution, Prime Web and especially Prime KOLs. Sellers like me need to reach potential customers through KOLs channel who can give good review to our product and influence others to buy, and of course the price is so reasonable.
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Tan Phuong
Chủ cửa hàng quần áo
Tốt trong việc quản lý tồn kho, cho tôi quản lý tồn kho theo combo sản phẩm. Ngoài ra giá thành thì quá ổn, có thể sử dụng máy tính bán hàng, in đơn và quản lý rất dễ dàng.

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