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Prime POS
Simplify merchandising process
Suitable for chains, retail offline store and optimize for many industries retail and F&B store
Create new order
Transfer the order to the kitchen and process it
Receive payment and bill
Track business reports
Prime POS
Professional merchandising process, without any mistakes
Handle Order Quickly
By professional and friendly interface, easy to operate
Convenient Payment
Support integration with payment partners, and connect to printer for printing bill
Customizable List Of Goods
Update product information such as selling price, original price, image, discount code ..., for overview management
Detailed Invoice Statistics
Customized invoice template, clear display information, transparent management of revenue
Prime Dashboard
Manage Overall Business on Omni Channel in one system
Syncing Data From Vary Sources
Collecting data from vary data source (social media platforms, e-commerce platforms)
Automated Data Update
The data updated continuously, accurately representing from data sources
Customize Dashboard
Bringing a visual look to your data through multi-dimensional graphs
KPIs Tracking & Managing
Automatically evaluate performance based on KPIs and review results quickly
Grow your business and boost up Online Marketing
Professional package help you build up merchandise website , bring your product and service on users search platform to reach more target customers, and optimize conversion rate and ROI.
Online marketing
Prime Website
Build up professional Website, grow up your e-business
Diverse Template Library
Use unlimited template website in library, suitable for diverse industries and business fields
Professional Merchandise Website
Website features are fully integrated, suitable for the field and business purposes
Mobile UX/ UI Optimize
Easily optimize the interface for mobile devices based on the pre-set encoding
Leads Conversion
Standard SEO website, eye-catching interface, full features for optimizing customer journey to increase conversion rates
Prime Influencer
Connect to Influencers, approach million potential customers
Easily Booking Influencers
Approach million potential customers through Influencer campaigns from Prime influencer at reasonable cost
Network Influencers Work In Many Industries
Prime Influencer platform allows searching Influencers and analyzing demographic of Influencer’s fan to match target customers of campaign
Optimize Conversion Rate
Track and optimize KOLs campaigns according to brand goals (sales, product promotions, livestreams, ...)
Manage Influencer Campaign
Set up clearly KPIs to monitor and evaluate campaign metrics through an automated, continuously updated system
Prime Distribution
Manage Orders
Automated analysis data from sellers center on e-com sites
Stock Management
Easily syncing products’ information (Photos, Descriptions, number of stock,...) and dividing inventories among e-com sites
Update Order Status In Real Time
Receive order information immediately from e-commerce sites to monitor order status continuously, process order faster
Monitor Process Orders
Identify and evaluate the quality of the shipping partners, giving appropriate strategies in the future
Detailed Statistics Report
Display for an overview about best-selling products, sales, conversion rates, return-to-order rates, and detailed customer data
Service support for enterprises
Rich Media
E-commerce Service
Website Development
App Development
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