Text Ad on the Display Network

Text ads are Google’s auto optimized creative solution on the Google Display Network (GDN). Provide a headline, description, and URL, and we will render your ad in three primary ad types (native text, simple text, and richer text) based on user behavior and the publisher’s ad environment to provide the best possible ad performance.

Device Compatibility

  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Ad Setup

  • Ad Template

Standard text ad

  • 1 headline field (up to 25 characters)
  • 2 description fields (up to 35 characters each)
  • 1 display URL that uses your final URL’s domain (up to 35 characters)

Expanded text ad

  • 2 headline fields (up to 30 characters each)

  • 1 expanded description field (up to 80 characters)

  • 1 URL that uses your final URL’s domain

  • 2 optional ”Path” fields, used in the ad’s display URL (up to 15 characters each)